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Professional Counselling Prices

Feel listened to, be heard with North Coast Counselling.

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Our Counselling Services

We offer a wide variety of counselling services, many of which we can adapt to suit you and your needs. From trauma and abuse to body image and self-esteem issues, North Coast Counselling are always here to lend an ear and offer support. To find out more about the counselling services we offer to our clients in and around the Southport area, click below.

Our Professional Counselling Services
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Initial Consultation


Your Initial Consultation will be free of charge. This session is solely focussed on getting to know you. By booking an Initial Consultation, you are in no way obligated to continue attending sessions with us in Southport. This service is designed with potential clients in mind, so they can begin to get a feel for our counselling services, and what professional counselling might be like for them.

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Individual Session


An Individual Session will be a closed counselling session, and it will be one where just be you and your therapeutic counsellor will be present. These sessions are priced at £40. During an individual counselling session, you will have the chance to discuss any everyday issues you might be having with your counsellor, and together, start to build and develop strategies to help you overcome them.

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Supervision Session


A Supervision Session with us here at North Coast Counselling comes to £45 and is recommended to any counsellor who is beginning to feel somewhat overwhelmed in their role. No matter what field or position you're in, work can get stressful from time to time. Counselling is certainly no different. If you need to reach out to another counsellor, North Coast Counselling in Southport is here to help.

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Couples Session


A Couples Session with North Coast Counselling will cost £50. During this session, you (and your partner, if you decide to come along together) will continue to talk through any problems you might be facing together. With this counselling service, we will be there to help and develop further methods to effectively combat similar issues that may potentially arise in the future and give you useful tools to help with life outside of the counselling room.

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